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Power Abuse?: Azerbaijan uses UN SC membership to tip the scale in Karabakh issue

unArmeniaNow -- On March 16 Azerbaijan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Organization addressed a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon claiming ceasefire violations on the part of Armenia leaving two Azeri servicemen dead and one civilian wounded.

“Armed forces of Armenia were firing at both military and civilian targets in Azerbaijan not only from their positions in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan [referring to Nagorno Karabakh], but also from the territory of Armenia,” says the letter.

The whole chronicle of Armenia-Azeri relations of the recent years comes down to numerous reports on gunfire exchange on the border, however never before has one of the feuding sides made such an address in form of an official document of UN General Assembly and Security Council.

What stands out here that it’s been made possible in the period (since January 1, 2012) and due to Azerbaijan’s assuming the functions of UN SC Non-permanent member.

Earlier the Azeri authorities promised to use this high-profile ground also for “presenting to the international community the true character of the Karabakh war and the Armenian occupation”.

The same scenario has been predicted by Azeri experts as well.

Political analyst Elmar Namazov says Azerbaijan’s enhanced profile in relation to its new status as UN SC Non-permanent member will have an immediate impact on the negotiation process over the Karabakh issue settlement.

“Moreover, if during the two years of its membership in the Security Council Azerbaijan directs all efforts at strengthening our positions on the Karabakh issue, I think a lot can be achieved in that field,” Namazov stressed.

After the summit in Astana, Kazakhstan last summer, Azerbaijan has increased its efforts at transferring the settlement issue from the OSCE Minsk Group (MG) format into UN’s authority.

The point is that, as opposed to OSCE MG, the United Nations unequivocally recognizes Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity within the borders of former Azerbaijani SSR.

Azeri politicians believe that if this most powerful organization, that happens to also recognize Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, considers the Karabakh conflict settlement issue, the negotiation process will be profoundly affected.

In particular, UN peace-keeping troops might be placed all along the internationally-recognized Armenian-Azeri border, making Nagorno-Karabakh de facto part of Azerbaijan.

Co-chairman of Social-Democratic Party of Azerbaijan Araz Alizade believes Azerbaijan’s current position in the UN “will allow returning the ‘Karabakh ball’ to the UN field”.

“The thing is that OSCE MG does not possess any measures and institutes of compulsion, whereas the UN can apply political, economic and military sanctions against the occupants,” says Alizade.

Hence, it is in Azerbaijan’s interest to consistently aggravate the situation on the border, at the same time blaming OSCE MG of idleness and failure to control the situation.

The first address of Azerbaijan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Secretary General is viewed in the context of that very agenda.

In the meantime the NKR Defense Army’s press service has released a statement reporting that between March 10 and 17 more than 2,000 shots from different caliber guns were made on the line of contact in the direction of the Armenian troops, and that 350 times the ceasefire regime was violated.

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+2 # gaytzag palandjian 2012-03-20 11:57
This is why i have insisted and maintained that our CAUSE/CASE should all be in ONE PACKAGE/FORMAT...Nakhijevan,Kars Ardahan Van and Bitlis,plus our incessant demand and drive to claim BLOOD MONEY BOTH FROM TURKEY AND AZERBAIJAN.Repeat,as One CLAIM.Otherwise the Nk.Nagorniyi karabach is intentionally made to appear as the ONLY issue between Armenia and Turco-Azeris alike.We must make that CLEAR!!
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