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“Let us Sleep!”: Parents in Yerevan criticize municipality over kindergarten pilot program


On verbal orders from Yerevan mayor Karen Karapetyan, a pilot program is on in 20 kindergartens of Yerevan from April 18 to May 18, aiming to ease constantly congested traffic in the central streets of Yerevan during the morning hours.

On Facebook, through a group called ‘Let us Sleep!’, parents have appealed to the mayor not to apply the pilot program to little children and not to try to solve transportation problems at little ones’ expense, but rather think of other ways to deal with the traffic situation.

“The municipality was first supposed to hold a social monitoring to understand what the real cause of busy roads is, and only then to regulate the work of public transportation, and only after it to pass to kindergartens and schools,” says member of the Facebook group Ruben Abrahamyan.

Mayor Karapetyan himself has left a message on Facebook, saying that his children are not satisfied with the decision either.

“Such schedules are used in civilized countries to avoid traffic jams and to optimally regulate parents’ daily schedules. I understand this decision may cause some inconvenience in the beginning, however a modern city must have its rules. I assure you that the results will be noticeable soon,” said Karapetyan, who appears to be adamant on his decision.

Parents in their turn oppose it, saying that in civilized countries usually public hearings are held first, and only then decisions are made.

Employees at kindergartens are also not quite satisfied with the decision, because they have to work nine instead of eight hours a day; and they will not be paid for the extra hour. However, they express their discontent only during talks with parents.


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